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Celebrating the past of a former gasworks in Battersea whilst responding to its context and the people who live there was at the heart of this project. Dallas-Pierce-Quintero was commissioned by developer St William to develop a cultural strategy to form the basis for a series of cultural projects at Prince of Wales Drive. This site is the first of a series of new places to be created by St William on technically complex regeneration sites at the heart of communities across London and the South of England.

Cultural strategy document
Cultural strategy document
Cultural strategy document
Cultural strategy document

The commissions proposed in our cultural strategy underpin our aspiration to create a vibrant new neighbourhood at Prince of Wales Drive, with benefits that reach beyond the boundary of the site. We translated St William’s core principles into a series of four over-arching themes that will underpin all the cultural projects proposed.

Theme 1: Conveying the rich heritage of the site
Theme 2: Linking to Battersea Park, Prince of Wales Drive and wider community
Theme 3: Promoting maths, science and engineering
Theme 4: Creating a vibrant place to live and visit

Our proposals will embed culture both within the Prince of Wales Drive development and the wider area. The development will include 839 homes, 60,000 sq ft of commercial floor space, 201 affordable homes, a nursery, café, public gym and public realm improvements. The strategy not only underpins our aspiration to create a vibrant neighbourhood, but also our desire to engage with local people during the construction process. To this end we have established links with Chestnut Grove Academy and Battersea Arts Centre to collaborate with to create projects that engage with the local community.

Overview of cultural commissions

We worked closely with the scheme’s landscape designers, project team and local authority to develop a series of projects and commissions that will bring maximum benefit to the area. By interrogating the proposed architectural and landscape designs we were able to identify areas that could be enhanced with cultural projects, either revealing the historical character of the site, furthering St William’s aspirations to promote the STEM subjects or helping to humanize the existing public realm adjacent to the development. These projects will be delivered between 2016 and 2024.

Dallas–Pierce–Quintero are a pleasure to work with. They build strong relationships with relevant professional and local community groups to deliver successful projects – something to be proud of.

Lara Waugh, Assistant Development Manager, St William
We commissioned designers NEON to deliver a pop-up pavilion in Battersea Park
We commissioned Amalia Pica to enhance the Prince of Wales railway viaduct
The strategy proposed the reinstatement of a fragment of the gas holder within the landscape

As well as writing the cultural strategy we were engaged to deliver the subsequent artist commissions. Working closely with the client, design team, local authority and local organisations we developed detailed briefs for four projects and lead the commissioning process. Further details  about two of the completed projects; Pump House Pavilion by NEON and Microscopic Park Life by Amalia Pica can be found on this website.


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